Viking devastation

Amon Amarth + Testament + Grand Magus

23/11/2016 – Haus Auensee, Leipzig, Alemanha

(Words: Eduardo Rocha | Images: Tilly Domian)


The city of Leipzig, in the East of Germany, received once more the visit of the Swedish Vikings Amon Amarth in their most recent European tour. This time, two not less interesting bands accompanied the band: Grand Magus and the legendary Testament. The first ones opened the hostilities towards a not so full Haus Auensee but it was visible that whoever was there, was really interested in these Swedish who were presenting their new album “Sword Songs”. With a very interesting approach to a more classic Heavy Metal sound, Grand Magus were able to convince all the present with an excellent concert. With songs such as “I, the Jury” and “Sword of the Ocean” filled up with riffs that made everyone headbang frenetically, and the powerful voice of JB combined with deeply defined bass sound of Fox and the potent drums of Ludwig, Grand Magus provided an excellent overture to a promising evening.


With a much more filled up venue, the legendary Testament came once more to testify why they are still here and why they are so relevant nowadays as they were in the past. Opening with the track “Brotherhood of the Snake”, from their most recent album with the same name, followed by the groovier “Rise Up”, the audience surrendered immediately to the power unleashed by the Americans. “The Pale King” was the following track before a return to the past with “Disciples of the Watch” and “The New Order”, from the legendary album with the same name. “Dark Roots of the Earth” brought a return to the most recent material to which the audience responded also enthusiastically. It’s remarkable the energy and the way the band performs their songs while maintaining an execution level only achievable by a few. To close the evening, another blast from the past with “Into the Pit” and “Over the Wall” before the more recent “The Formation of Damnation”. An excellent concert showing that Testament is still at the top of its game!


Finally, it was time for the Vikings and the excitement could be seen in the faces of the crowded venue. The growth of Amon Amarth, in terms of audience, is noticeable in every concert that I have witnessed and their live reputation assured us that a great concert was about to come. This time, the stage presented a huge structure in the form of a Viking helmet, on top of which stood the drums in a clear demonstration that, for the band, the show does not consist only of music. The first song of the evening, “The Pursuit of the Vikings”, from the album “Fate of Norns”, was a small surprise to all present. The whole room started a frenetic headband while singing the anthem out loud with the band. “As Loke Falls”, from the excellent “Deceiver of the Gods”, was the next song in a start of concert that relied in older material from the band. The first incursion to the new album “Jomsviking” happened in the form of the first track of that album: the killer and fast “The First Kill” in what originated the first mosh pit! “The Way of the Vikings” was flawlessly executed and the audience showed that it’s quite familiar with the material from the most recent opus. “On a Sea of Blood” e “Destroyer of the Universe” were the subsequent songs in a clear demonstration that the Vikings didn’t want to slow down the pace of the concert. With the help of Vikings that joined the stage for a brutal fight while the band was playing the remaining songs, this concert had everything to be one of the best of this year. The legendary “Death in Fire” was euphorically received before the slower “One Thousand Burning Arrows”, from the most recent album. “Father of the Wolf”, “Runes to My Memory” e “War of the Gods” were then presented to the public before the band went off the stage for a small break. The encore started with the epic “Raise Your Horns” in which the whole room sang the chorus out loud like true Vikings! “Guardians of Asgaard” and “Twilight of the Thunder God” were the last songs of the evening in one more excellent concert of Amon Amarth. With a very stable line-up, which assures a profound cohesion between the different members of the band on stage joined by an impressive new drummer, the concerts of the Vikings are nothing but brutal. And by releasing excellent records, Amon Amarth are currently one of most important and respected bands.


Amon Amarth


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