26th Wave-Gotik Treffen

Wave-Gotik Treffen


O maior festival gótica da actualidade está de regresso a Leipzig, na Alemanha, nos dias 2 a 5 de Junho. O Wave-Gotik-Treffen conta com concertos, exposições, festas fettish (entre outros…) dispersos pela cidade de Leipzig, já apresentou alguns nomes do cartaz deste ano:
Revolting Cocks (USA/B) – exklusives Konzert in Deutschland 2017 , Amorphis (FIN) , Óðrœrir (D) , SINISTRO (P) , Machine de Beauvoir (D) , Emma Ruth Rundle (USA) , Thrudvangar (D) , Empusae (B) , Ragnaröek (D), IAMTHESHADOW (P) , The 69 Eyes (FIN), Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio (Official) (S) , Finsterforst (D) , Ah Cama-Sotz (B) , The Scary Bitches (GB) , Herbst in Peking (D) , MGT & FRIENDS (GB) , Varg (D) , 13th Monkey (D) , UNLIGHT (D) , ANDI SEXGANG (GB) – Akustikkonzert, SEX GANG CHILDREN (GB) , Cephalgy (D) , Ritual Howls (USA) , BLOODY, DEAD & SEXY (D) , RED CELL (S) , DER FLUCH (D) , Frankenstein (USA) , Klez.e (D) , Drab Majesty (USA) , Andyra (D)
Prevê-se mais uma excelente edição deste icónico festival e a Versus estará lá para te contar tudo! Temos também um documento com informações importantes acerca do festival.



The world’s largest Gothic festival is back to Leipzig between the 2nd and the 5th of June. This festival, which counts with several concerts, expositions, fetish parties (amongst others…) spread out through the city of Leipzig, has already released the names of some of the artists playing this year:
We can definitely expect an excellent festival and Versus will be there to tell you everything about it. We already have a document to share with you with some very important information.



WGT special tips

Apart from famous bands of the scene, the coming WGT program will again include several hidden treasures whose names are maybe not known to everybody, but which will surely perform outstanding concerts. So before visiting the WGT, it’s worthwhile to take a closer look into the program and to listen to some sample tracks of the artists you don’t know. Here are some hints on a few less known, yet interesting bands and artists which will play at the WGT 2017:
Ah! Kosmos
Minimal Techno, Ambient | Turkey

The woman behind this somewhat oddly named project is the Istanbul producer Basak Günak. The mostly instrumental tracks, which drift between Ambient, Minimal Techno and Post-rock, are atmospheric, dark and hypnotic. Dreaming, dancing, wondering – everything is possible.
Recommended for friends of Thom Yorke, Apparat or Plaid.

Neoklassik, Ethereal | Germany

Ethereal, wafting chamber-folk, carried by the heavenly voice of Sabine Hornung, who leads a large ensemble of classical musicians. Sometimes indistinguishable from the undisputed ruler of the genre, Loreena McKennitt.

Post Rock | Polen / Poland

Post Rock has been an integral part of WGT for several years now. The program includes not only well known bands like God Is An Astronaut, Caspian or I Like Trains that already played at WGT, but also relatively unknown acts like this fantastic formation from Poland. A highly recommended tip for fans of the genre.

Gothic Rock | UK

Founded in 1985, BFG was one of the prototypes of the Gothic Rock. They supported New Order on their 86 tour and were often compared to Joy Division. Now they are back again, having recently played a well received gig in Berlin.

Pagan Folk, Medieval | Spain

A new, sympathetic ensemble from Valencia, named after a giant winged snake from northern Spanish mythology. Friends of Hagalaz’ Runedance or Trobar De Morte should attend at least one of their two planned concerts.

Industrial, Angstpop | Spain

After the performance of TeDIS last year, we present another stage premiere of a band from the industrial cult label “Galakthorrö”. Gloomy, reduced analogue electronics, varied from danceable to destructive, with an alien, mostly female voice intoning in Polish and English.

Desperate Journalist
Indie, Postpunk | UK

Their 2015 self-titled debut album was a smash hit, this year they follow up with their second album and finally their first appearance at the WGT! Music lovers, who mourn the demise of a band called “The Organ” and still hold a place in their hearts for Cure or the Smiths as well, will want to be there or they might kick themselves in the pants in regret.

Drab Majesty
“Tragic Wave” | USA

Andew Clinco aka “Deb DeMure” has been running his solo project since 2012. Before that he was the drummer for the outstanding band Marriages. His current LP “The Demonstration” mixes relaxed electronic rhythms with guitar sounds like The Cure or The Chameleons once made.

Ethereal, Wave | Australia

Eldergoths may remember the US label “Project” as the Wavers and Romantics who in cooperation with their German colleagues, Hyperium, consistently produced fantastic releases of bands like Lycia, Love Spirals Downwards, and Black Tape For A Blue Girl in the 90s . The cutting edge of the Project program was a band called Eden, which has become an obscurity over the years. Their mini-album “Healingbow” (1993), recorded with Pieter Bourke, who would later work with Lisa Gerrard and others, remains one of the milestones of the genre. Friends of Dead Can Dance or the above listed Project bands should listen up here, because after their recent reconfiguration, Eden is now coming to Europe for the first time.

Neoklassik, Neofolk | Italy

Already making their second appearance at the WGT, but still worth mentioning. Powerful, Italian Neofolk. Friends of Argine, Corde Oblique or Ashram should not miss this concert.

H ø R D
Minimal Synth | France

New one-man project from France that produces spherical-melodic synth sounds, quasi the male answer to Hante.

Indie, Post Punk | Deutschland / Germany

This indie band suddenly presents itself visually and musically as a German version of The Cure and titled their current album “Desintegration” (!). Still, it’s obvious they aren’t flat and calculated copycats — “Desintegration” is an honest concept album dealing with the disappointed dreams of the time of the German reunification and the bleak, broken world of the present. The German lyrics may require a bit of getting used to, but the music is so good that it it’s worth it.

Lucifer’s Aid
EBM | Sweden

The Progress Productions label (home of Kite, Hendric De La Cour, Agent Side Grinder, etc.) once again serves as a talent-forge and quality guarantee for high-quality electronic sounds, in this case for the finest Old-School-EBM from a new Swedish project.

Neofolk | Russia

In principle, MFA has always been the spearhead of Eastern European Neofolk and is thus no longer a really secret tip. The ensemble draws inspiration from the old North Russian folklore and creates an entranced mood on its rare concerts, not in the least through the ritual-like costumes and masks. After their 2011 performance, now appearing for the second time at the WGT.

Peter Bjärgö
Neoklassik, Ambient | Schweden / Sweden

The names of the musicians behind the well-known band names are not always common knowledge, so it should be pointed out that this is the head of the (ex-Cold-Meat-Industry) cult project Arcana. Peter has just released a new solo album, which upon the first listen goes a bit in the direction of Shoegaze, so be ready for something unexpected.

Red Cell
Synthpop, Future Pop | Schweden / Sweden

Again, the label Progress Productions from Sweden is the pearl diver who discovered this act. Red Cell certainly do not reinvent the wheel, but their talent for melodies is clear.

Ritual Howls
Post Punk, Cold Wave | USA

It would be tough find a darker band in this genre. The songs of this band from Detroit, which after two albums are finally playing at the WGT, are hopeless and suffocating, hypnotic and abysmal.

Elfenpop, Ethereal | Holland

They come from the Netherlands and call their music “Witchpop”. They sound similar to bands like Euzen, Valravn or Mila Mar. If you hold these bands close to your heart, don’t miss Shireen.

Postrock, Shoegaze, Black Metal | France

With her current album “Wistful” the Norwegian multi-instrumentalist steers stylistically toward the so-called “Blackgaze”, which was recently created by bands such as Alcest. To dismiss her as a mere clone, however, would not do justice to the quality she delivers or her angelic voice which brings something beautiful to the sound spectrum. In contrast to her studio work, at the WGT of course she will not all play the instruments herself, but will appear with a full band.

The Agnes Circle
Post Punk | UK

Fresh London Post-Punk duo stylistically similar to bands like The Soft Moon, Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat or Winter Severity Index.

Vain Warr
Wave, Postpunk | USA

The US band Blacklist was already confirmed for the WGT some years ago, but they broke up shortly before the Treffen. Now, Joshua Strawn comes to Leipzig with his current project Vain Warr – and according to his own statements, he’ll be bringing along a few Blacklist songs from epic album “Midnight Of The Century”.

Whispering Sons
Wave, Postpunk | Belgium

One of the most promising new bands of the genre, hailing from Belgium. They already set an ice-cold milestone with their first EP in 2015. Songs such as “Time” or “Wall” are by all means indispensable for a good club playlist.

Wires & Lights
Wave, Postpunk | Germany

After the dissolution of his band Passion Play, which gave their last concert at the WGT, Justin Stephens begins a new era under the name “Wires & Lights”. It is their second appearance after their debut at the 15th anniversary party of the legendary “Pagan Love Songs” party series in Bochum.

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