Conspiria + Canterra + Molllust

Naumann’s 3/11/2017 Leipzig, Germany

Words: Eduardo Rocha

Images: Tilly Dominian

The two most significant and promising Symphonic/Gothic Metal bands from Leipzig decided to join forces and organise one evening in which they would show to their hometown, their power on stage. Such initiatives should be highly praised since the bands themselves rented the space, took all the risks and presented a night of beautiful and high quality metal music.


The organisers invited Conspiria, a very young and promising band, to open the hostilities. The band has recently released its first EP with the title “Signs and Origins” and the “Prelude: The Awakening” was the starter for their concert. “Prophecy of Doom”, also with a beautiful symphonic introduction, showed the heavier side of the band. With choruses in between, the whole performance of the band and its technical execution were very interesting. The singer Nadinne has a beautiful and, somehow, angelic voice which fits perfectly to the symphonic landscapes that the band aims to create. “Ophelia’s Song” and “The Faintness” closed a very interesting concert from a band which has potential but still a long road ahead.

Then it was Canterra’s turn to enchant us on stage. The band leaded by Korinna König presented us with their powerful, sometimes even groovy, Gothic Metal in which Korinna’s beautiful and melodic voice draws enchanting melodies. The band supports the vocalist by providing solid and catchy riffs while the rhythmic section shines with brilliant beats and beautiful bass lines. The band is still promoting its first record “First Escape” and the track “Broken”, with its beautiful acoustic and orchestral introduction, saw the band invading the stage with its tremendous energy. The song evolves into a rapid and groovy melody and the public was immediately hypnotised. “Child of Destiny” with its catchy and groovy intro, continued to show a very solid and confident band with a tremendous attitude in stage. Korinna and her fellows constantly interact with the public making the show a true delight. “Escape” and “Come With Me” are already hit songs and that could be seen in the many people singing along with Korinna. Canterra know how to make great songs with elegant orchestral arrangements which highlight the melodies that the band wants to transmit. “My Heart”, a beautiful and classy ballad was then played while all eyes in the room where compelled by the tune. “Save My Life”, which starts with a groovy bass line to which the guitars join in a vicious riff, and “Hurt”, with its catchy guitar leads, were the subsequent songs. “Last Saviour” and “Fear Me”, from their previous record “Echoes of Fear” closed the concert before the new song “No Bitter End”. Canterra have grown tremendously since the last time this sincerely yours has seen them live. After touring with bands such as Lacrimosa and Crematory, it’s clear that the band is more solid and confident in stage. We will wait eagerly for their next album.


It was then time for the headliners Molllust to show their eloquent opera metal on stage. The band is leaded by Janika Groß who graces and enchants the audience with her beautiful operatic voice while playing gracefully the piano. Her partner in crime, Frank Schumacher, is responsible for the heavy guitars that make Molllust’s sound even more unique while showcasing his amazing tenor voice. Molllust are further comprised of a cello and a violin player, who enrich the Janika’s piano arrangements while contributing for the operatic sound of the band. The rhythmic section of the band is the one of a typical Metal band with a great bass player and, in this case, a brand new drummer who managed to impress everyone in the venue. “Ouvertüre Nr. 2”and “Unschuld”, from the recent album “In Deep Waters”, were the opening songs and the complexity and eloquence of Molllust’s music immediately enchanted everyone. “König Der Welt” is the following song in which Frank dresses his crown and jumps off the stage to join the audience while playing the heavy riff of this song. “Voices of the Dead” and “Paradise on Earth” continued showing the exquisiteness of Molllust’s music. “Paradis Perdu”, “Erlkönigs Töchter” were some of the following songs while “Number in a Cage” started with a beautiful piano arrangement of Jannika and, of course, her superb voice. Before playing “Lampedusa”, Frank reminded us of all the wars in Africa and the refugee flow that these wars have caused. The song is a beautifully tragic one and its melodies reminded us even further of all these tragedies. “Evenfall” starts with a beautiful cello arrangement to which the violin starts talking to while Jannika and Frank add their magic to perform another tremendous song. It was very interesting to see all the fascinated faces in the crowd during the concert. And a live performance of Molllust causes exactly that: fascination and amazement. The fast “Alptraum”, from the previous record “Schuld”, and Ave, from the first EP “Bach con fuoco” closed a great concert!

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