Cradle of Filth + Moonspell

Vampires shaking the ground

27/01/2018, Hellraiser, Leipzig, Germany

Words: Eduardo Rocha
Images: Tilly Domian

Leipzig was once more visited by one of the most interesting tours running around Europe. And the chosen venue, Hellraiser, was completely sold out for the visit of the legendary Gothic/Dark-Metal Wolves Moonspell alongside the British Black-Metal icons Cradle of Filth. For this sincerely yours, seeing Moonspell abroad is always quite an intensive experience. Being Portuguese, there are some bands one can brag about and be proud of and Moonspell are definitely the main one. Every concert abroad is an opportunity to see some very familiar faces and enjoy their music and to remind me of home. It was already the fourth concert outside of Portugal, and like all the others, it was a night to remember! For some background, Moonspell have recently released “1755”, an album completely sung in Portuguese, whose concept is about the earthquake that devastated Lisbon, and some other parts of the Portuguese territory. And this event redefined the whole history of the Country as well of the remaining European Continent. The whole stage decoration resonates around this thematic and whole energy and on-stage presence of the band play a key role in bringing such devastation to the stage. The concert started with the first song of the mentioned album, “Em Nome do Medo”, in which Fernando came alone to the stage carrying a lantern to sing its first versus. The remaining band joined few moments later to help finishing this song and then it was time to start the theme song “1755”. Aires started debiting the bass lines while Mike, Ricardo and Pedro contributed to its epic start. Fernando then joined the stage wearing a black death mask and joined his mighty voice. “In Tremor Dei” and “Desastre” were the following songs and it became obvious that, although most of the audience couldn’t sing the lyrics (some of us could ;)), the new album is quite well absorbed. Fernando moves around the stage, spreading the plague and reincarnating the spirit of that year, and it becomes obvious how much the band carefully prepared the stage set and performance. Nothing unexpected for such a professional and dedicated collective. It was then time to go a bit back in time to play “Night Eternal”, from the album with the same name. “Ruínas” took us back to the most recent album while “Opium” brought everyone to an unison to sing its verses. “Evento” and “Todos os Santos”, in which Fernando carries a cross with red lights, were the last played songs from “1755”. Both of them are quite heavy and Fernando’s vocals and the band’s performance illustrate the rage emanating from that time. To close a short but very powerful concert, the Portuguese Wolves chose of their most iconic songs: “Alma Mater” and “Full Moon Madness”. What a concert! If you have the opportunity to catch Moonspell on this tour, be sure to be there to see one of their best shows and to see a band on top of their shape!

It was then time for some rest before the headliners resume the devastation started by their good friends Moonspell. After a haunting introduction, Cradle of Filth started on a quite surprisingly note by playing the powerful and somewhat older songs “Guilded Cunt”, from the album “Nymphetamine”, and “Beneath the Howling Stars”, from “Cruelty & The Beast”. Needless to say that the crowd became an immense wild mess of corpses bringing chaos to every corner of the venue! The groovy and romantic “Blacktest Magic in Practice”, from “Hammer of the Witches”, and “Heartbreak and Seance”, from the most recent “Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness of Decay” brought some further euphoria to the crowd. “Bathory Aria” and “Dusk and Her Embrace” were two mandatory classics that everyone received enthusiastically and ferociously while “You Will Know The Lion By His Claw”, a tremendous song from the latest record, concluded the first part of the concert. After a short break, to give a deserved rest to the crowd, the instrumental “A Bruise Upon the Silent Moon” announced the band’s return to stage after which the fast “The Promise of Fever” was played without any mercy. “Achingly Beautiful”, from the latest record showed that the new record is being quite well received by the band’s fanbase. It was then time for another classic and this one’s name was “Nymphetamine” with Lindsay Schoolcraft singing the iconic vocal lines initially interpreted by Liv Kristine. Once again, the whole venue shook to the notes of such a beautiful tune. “Her Ghost In The Fog” and “Born In A Burial Gown” closed a great concert from a band that proved that it’s still relevant to the whole Metal scene. Dani Filth is a restless beast on stage and while the remaining band bleeds for each of the songs. The performance and interaction of each of them with the public was something very pleasant to see and one can conclude that Cradle of Filth, just like their tour mates, are on their best shape.

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